Digital Marketing

Monitoring Services for successful SEO, SEM, SMM

WebPal Vivos helps you monitor your digital marketing efforts. Easy-to-follow analytics dashboards and automated reports will finally get your digital marketing campaigns on the track for success.


WebPal Vivos Applications

Currently using a marketing agency to manage your lead conversion but not sure about performance? There is no point in maintaining an online presence without monitoring lead generation. WebPal Vivos allows you to collaborate with your SEO agency over easy-to follow performance dashboards. Set up recurring email reports and review online in detail to capture a successful strategy. Best of all, you can get started right now.

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    Performance Monitoring

    Review conversion performance with a powerful, yet simple dashboard. WebPal Vivos can be configured on any WebPal-powered site with a few clicks. We also integrate with other solutions like WordPress, Statamic or drupal.

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    Organic and Paid Marketing

    Hire our certified consultants to guide you through the complex art of optimizing your digital marketing for traffic conversion. We will advise you on a content creation schedule and find the balance between paid, social, and organic marketing.

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    Search Engine Marketing

    We are a Google Partner and Adwords Certified. We manage large-scale, big-budget Adwords campaigns that deliver real results. Maximize your exposure to reach your market more quickly.

Vivos Tools Functions

VivosWeb provides high quality website designs, plus professional service and open communication from the start through to the end of a project. Your web design will include regular reporting and a dedicated account manager to handle any input or concerns every step of the way. Our in-house web designers know the latest web trends, advanced techniques, and creativity that will draw your clients in and convert.

Works with all platforms

WebPal Vivos integrates with most social media and marketing platforms

Your website and online application likely needs to draw traffic from many sources, including social media, paid advertising, and organic searches. Our solution integrates with most online platforms to measure traffic, conversion, and social media performance - all in a single dashboard. Our team will help with configuration to set you up for success.

The Process



Tool Setup

Subscribe to Vivos on a WebPal Server and connect to your website. This will provide the data to analyze your content and start tracking performance and right away.


Strategy Design

Get in touch with our SEO/SEM team, to design a strategy for your marketing. Establish channels, audiences, keywords, and pay-per-click advertising budgets.


Data and UX Analysis

Review of the Vivos dashboard and to analyze issues with your content and user traffic data. This may also include a review of the user experience (UX) and site design, if there is reason to believe that it affects site performance.



Content Optimization

Vivos Dashboard guides through the process of optimizing existing content for best search engine performance. This may include modification of meta data (keywords, titles, etc), or adding missing content altogether.


Call to Action

Review and Improve existing and new call-to-action (CTAs) which convert your traffic to leads. Vivos Dashboard will highlight any issues with current CTAs which will then be corrected. This is usually some development effort and may involve integration with a lead capture tool (CRM).



Landing Pages

A landing page is a specifically-designed web page that doubles as a sales pitch. Give targeted users the specific info.


Tracking and Consultation

WebPal Vivos consultants work with your team to check and monitor conversion metrics on a monthly basis, and make suggestions on strategy changes based on  current outcomes.


Content Editing

Based on performance and marketing strategy, content will need to be modified and kept current on an ongoing basis. If your website content is managed by WebPal Server, this effort can be shared collaboratively.


Pay-per-Click Advertising

Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of PPC marketing budget and performance. Our team will advise on best value for your marketing spent.

Get Started

If you already have a WebPal Cloud account, simply start by subscribing to Vivos services in the administration panel. Or, drop us a line here and we’ll get you started: